Upon graduating from University College London where I studied Classics with French, I decided that staying in London was not for me (and totally unaffordable!), even if it was to take up my place on a law conversion course to train as a Human Rights Lawyer, or alternatively my place on a Masters at UCL on Reception of the Classical World.

Instead, with interests in people, change, culture, and rights, I wanted to explore the world and photograph it and its people.

I saw teaching as a realistic, insightful, and rewarding way to move to remote and undocumented countries. With my job, flat, flight, and visa secured, my first trip was to Sudan where I would be teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Maths to primary kids at an international school in Khartoum.

Teaching kids twenty-eight hours a week is exhausting, emotional, and ever-changing. But it has given me a unique vantage point from which to fall into and begin to understand an almost opposite culture to my own, to meet a wide array of people and make the closest of friends, and most excitingly for me, to be able to travel extensively and experience and document the people and places of Sudan.

My Sudan project is my most recent and deepest piece of work, that I hope one day can be exhibited as well as turned into a book and published. For now, it is my way of getting closer to, and presenting, a unique and beautiful country and people. I photographed places and people that are undocumented, to shine a light on their idiosyncrasies, and to disrupt the country’s perceived single narrative and monolithic identity.

Please get in touch with me at gabriellazoeharris@gmail.com with any comments, advice, or for general chit-chat, especially anything photography, writing, or Sudanese-inspired 😉

Thank you, and enjoy!