Binary Bum


This is a bum of a zebra belonging to the Burchell’s species, one of only three species of zebras extant – the plains zebra, including the Burchell’s zebra found here in Etosha; the mountain zebra, including Hartmann’s mountain zebra found in north-western Namibia; and the more distantly related Grévy’s zebra found in Kenya and Ethiopia.

One of 13,000 zebras in Etosha National Park.

© Gabriella Zoe Harris. All rights reserved.

Elephant Tears


African elephant after playing in water with the rest of his herd, the leather of his skin patchily and muddily drenched.

Taken in Etosha National Park, Namibia, Summer 2016.

A safari experience “better than sex!”, as my friends screamed.

© Gabriella Zoe Harris. All rights reserved.