Transporting Melons in Turkey


Though seemingly an innocuous image of a man dressed in white, transporting vibrant yellow melons in his white truck, with red cloth draped over and backed by verdant plants, as I captured this photograph my thoughts instantly leapt to another situation that was being played out at this very moment on the other side of the country. Where a similar make of white truck transporting equally yellow melons would have been being bombed and attacked during the third phase of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish government, beginning in late July 2015 and still being waged.

Though safe on the northwestern Aegean coast, civilians and travellers in other and nearby regions of Turkey were not so fortunate.

This photograph symbolises for me now and then the bizarre and inexplicable luck that one scene experiences in place of another’s misfortune, and the very real repercussions one and many might suffer due to mere location and timing.

If nothing else, this photograph might teach us simple humility and gratitude that whilst I admired this scene, others who did just the same elsewhere saw a very different end.

© Gabriella Zoe Harris. All rights reserved.

Hospitals and the Street


These are taken in and of the town of Leh, in the Ladakh region in the northern India. The city was geared out in all festival paraphernalia to herald the arrival of the Dalai Lama at the 14th Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra festival held just outside the city.

Summer 2014

© Gabriella Zoe Harris. All rights reserved.