Dinder River Crew

As my friend and I hiked out of Dinder town down Dinder River, a tributary of the Blue Nile, armed with tent and provisions for up to five days, it began to really dawn on us how very strange this must be as an activity to the Sudanese.

We were first escorted by herdsmen with their clouds of goats. Then a bunch of boys who had been swimming in the Nile joined and we chatted and walked, as well as having a large photo session. We passed a few old men drinking tea as we started to leave the business of Dinder town behind and went right down onto the banks of the Nile. We had to dot between hiking right on the river and climbing up the steep riverbanks to the higher bank as partitions had been created between people’s land right by the river. We then came across a number of men working on the water pumps on the water or making bricks on the banks, and children and teenagers playing and hanging out.

It was a very slow, hot and interrupted beginning to the hike, but an extremely friendly and sociable one.

We hung out here for a while, playing with the camera, eating mangoes, and listening to music from their radio.

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